Best Power Screwdriver Sets

A good screwdriver is indispensable where it is required to quickly and reliably connect the elements of collapsible structures using screws or self-tapping screws. This article will focus on the best and newest models of this useful tool.

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What are the best screwdrivers you can buy?

Screwdrivers are powered by compressed air energy (pneumatic), electricity from an external source (mains) or powered by a built-in battery. Unstressed models are considered classics, but a percussion instrument is also found among them. In the first case, the screw is screwed in due to continuous rotation, in the second – due to a tangential impact, which gives a high torque.

Before buying, decide if you need a lot of torque at all:

  • When working with soft materials of small thickness (drywall, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, etc.), 5-10 N • m will be enough.
  • To work with hard wood species (oak, beech, larch, etc.), as well as with self-tapping screws for metal, at least 35 N • m will be required.

Also pay attention to the number of revolutions. To screw in the self-tapping screw, 400-500 min-1 is enough. But if these turns are twice as much, it will be convenient to tighten long screws.

When choosing a cordless screwdriver, special attention should be paid to the type of battery. He can be:

  • nickel-cadmium (NiCd) – withstands no more than 1000 discharge-charge cycles.
  • lithium-ion (Li-Ion) – it can be recharged almost unlimited number of times.

If you rarely use the tool, a NiCd rechargeable battery is preferable, since Li-Ion will not survive long storage in a discharged state.

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Best pneumatic screwdrivers

These tools are powered by compressed air energy from a compressor. They are distinguished by their lightness, the absence of sparks during the operation of the motor (and therefore, the possibility of using in an explosive environment) and maintainability. The pneumatic screwdriver is not in danger of overheating, and the period of continuous operation and the service life of it are significantly higher than that of electrical counterparts,

#1 Kawasaki KRT-SD110 – true Japanese

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The hammerless screwdriver with an adjustable torque of 5-34 N • m and a maximum speed of 2,200 rpm is designed for versatile serial operations (in production, in an assembly shop).

Adjustable force and high RPM make it a true all-rounder. A distinctive feature of the Japanese is that its spindle begins to rotate only after pressing the self-tapping screw – convenient and safe.

  • wide range of torque;
  • convenient reverse switch;
  • plastic handle (this is especially appreciated when working in the cold);
  • spring-loaded chuck for quicker bit change.
  • high price.

For all of the listed advantages of the Kawasaki KRT, you will have to pay a considerable price, so this tool is most suitable for general-purpose professionals for whom time is money.

#2 Jonnesway JAB-1017 – functional tool

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The Taiwanese firm’s hammerless screwdriver with a variable torque of 5-13 N • m and a speed of up to 1800 rpm is a simple and reliable assistant. In terms of operating parameters, it is noticeably inferior to the previous model, but its price is not so biting either – you can keep within 7.5-8.5 thousand rubles.

The tool is multifunctional, it is good for not only screws and self-tapping screws, but also screws and nuts.

  • lightweight (1.1 kg);
  • easy to use;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • great resource.
  • the sensitivity of the reverse switch is too high (triggered by a light touch).

Despite the relatively modest parameters, the JAB-1017 is quite suitable not only for domestic but also for professional use.

Best built-in electric motor powered screwdrivers

These tools are powered by a built-in electric motor powered from the mains. Tied to a power outlet, they have limited mobility — but they don’t need a compressor. In addition, electric screwdrivers offer the largest product range, a wide range of functions and constant power regardless of the load.

#3 Metabo DWSE 6.3 – the professional roof and wall screwdriver

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The tool of the German brand is designed for large construction and installation work. 550 W of power and 18 Nm of torque are sufficient for fastening roofing sheets and wall panels, despite the lack of impact function. Particularly noteworthy is the well-thought-out air cooling system, which excludes overheating of the motor.

  • adjustable speed;
  • control of the screw-in depth;
  • fixation of the enabling button;
  • efficient cooling.
  • heavy (over 2 kg);
  • without backlight.

Metabo is suitable for both professional and domestic tasks. It is indispensable wherever high productivity and smooth workflow are required.

#4 Makita TD0101

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The 230 W drill / driver delivers a torque of up to 100 N • m. The electric motor is capable of providing 3600 rpm, the chuck is adapted for bits with a hex shank. When the screw is tightly inserted, the pulse mode turns on automatically. The tool is lightweight and handy – ideal for working with hard materials.

  • high torque;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • ergonomic handle with rubber slots;
  • automatic pulse mode.
  • there is no screwing depth limiter;
  • short cord;
  • noticeable heating during continuous operation with heavy load.

Makita TD0101 will be good wherever you need to apply a lot of force often – for example, screwing long screws into hard materials, including metal.

#5 Hitachi W6VA4

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This shock-free model is equipped with a screw-in limiter to prevent damage to the assembly surface. Power of 620 W and torque of 40 N • m allows the tool to work with confidence with any fastener.

Hitachi has a 1/4 HEX chuck and a speed regulator. The rubberized housing almost completely absorbs vibration when working at high speeds. On the side of the handle there is a special button for fixing the switch. Ventilation slots prevent overheating of the motor.

  • rubberized surface for a secure fit in the hand;
  • dust protection of the gearbox;
  • complete with magnetic holder and attachment;
  • long cord (7.5 m).
  • inconvenient reverse switch;
  • no spindle lock.

Hitachi W6VA4 is a versatile tool for quality performance of almost any operation, especially those related to increased workload.

Best cordless screwdrivers

The main trump card of this type of tool is its own power supply, which gives complete freedom of action. However, all batteries, without exception, have drawbacks: they require systematic recharging and special storage conditions (and this is not talking about the limited resource of some batteries).

#6 Bosch GSR 10.8 V-ES HX – compact and lightweight tool

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With a body length of only 13 cm, the weight of this screwdriver does not exceed 1 kg. Another distinctive feature is its brushless motor with electronic protection system, which ensures economical energy consumption.

With a torque of 20 N • m and a speed of 1300 rpm, the Bosch GSR is capable of driving 700-750 screws on a single charge. Drilling diameter for wood – 30 mm, for metal – 10 mm. Belt clip included.

  • economical and durable motor;
  • ergonomics;
  • the presence of a battery charge indicator;
  • compact size and light weight.
  • incomplete illumination of the working area when working with a short bat;
  • there is no replaceable head for drills.

Overall, Bosch offered a quality tool that is very convenient for working in tight spaces.

#7 Hitachi DS12DVF3

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The model is distinguished by the ability to work for a long time in intensive mode at a torque of 26 N • m and is equipped with a nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 1.5 A • h. Keyless chuck allows for easy bit change.

Hitachi has 22 torque settings, selectable according to the task at hand. It is not afraid of overloads due to the good cooling of the motor. The tool is equipped with a flashlight charged from its own charger.

  • wide range of torque and speed control;
  • speed regulator;
  • efficient engine cooling;
  • the presence of a reverse.
  • no spindle lock.

An excellent tool for intensive work in any weather – one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio.

#8 DeWalt DCD991P2 – professional model

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DeWalt is a Czech-made screwdriver with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5 Ah and a powerful torque of 90 N • m. Equipped with a gearbox with three speed modes 0-450 / 1300/2000 rpm, as well as a torque limiter. The chuck is quick-release, so changing attachments will not cause any problems. Due to the presence of the impact function, the tool can easily cope with any self-tapping screws and materials.

  • capacious battery with fast charging (1 hour);
  • brushless motor;
  • multi-position side handle;
  • backlight;
  • versatility.
  • Clarge weight (2.1 kg);
  • high price

Due to the high cost, the tool is suitable mainly for craftsmen who work at a professional level.

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The best drills and screwdrivers

For screwdrivers, it is characteristic that they are high-speed (more than a thousand revolutions per minute), since drilling at lower speeds is ineffective. The second feature is the keyless chuck, which allows you to quickly change the bit to the drill and vice versa. Some models also have a shock function. The result is a hybrid: a screwdriver-drill or an impact drill.

#9 Metabo BS 18 LT BL – really powerful

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The handy and powerful brushless drill / driver comes with an 18 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2 or 3.5 Ah (depending on the selected configuration). The tool holds a charge confidently and for a long time, delivering a torque of 60 N • m and a rotation speed of up to 2100 rpm.

Equipped with a keyless chuck Ø 13 mm, reverse, backlight, battery charge level indicator.
The model comes in 4 trim levels (each is assigned its own article). The simplest is an empty “carcass”. The most sophisticated one comes with a pair of 3.5 Ah batteries, a charger and a well-thought-out case with compartments for storing all sorts of little things.

  • high technical characteristics;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • multifunctionality;
  • convenient for working in confined spaces.
  • high price and expensive service.

Metabo BS is a German quality instrument with impressive performance. It is versatile and can work in any environment. And the availability of different configurations allows you to choose the option that suits you, taking into account the available money.

#10 Elmos ESR913C

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The networked percussion machine with a keyless chuck with a diameter of 13 mm received a full set of adjustments (20 + 2) for each mode of operation. The last two modes are for conventional and hammer drilling. Adjustment of revolutions is made with a wheel on the trigger. Elmos has a soft start function.

You can also set the upper limit of the maximum rpm here. In the upper part of the body there is a holder for replaceable bits.

  • excellent power / weight / size ratio;
  • convenient location of the regulators;
  • balanced ergonomics;
  • the presence of an additional handle.
  • not very successful design of the chuck, which makes it difficult to change bits and drills;
  • short cable.

Despite minor design flaws, Elmos is considered one of the best screwdrivers for its characteristics.

#11 Makita DF330DWE

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The drill / driver with a 10.8 V lithium-ion battery and 1.5 Ah delivers an adjustable torque of up to 24 N • m (there are 18 adjustment levels in total). Rotation speed up to 1300 rpm is also adjustable, but with a smooth pull on the trigger. The tool has an ergonomic design, and its handle is covered with grooved rubber inserts to prevent slipping out of the hands. The set includes a holster for attaching to a belt.

  • holds charge well;
  • reliable tool clamping system;
  • electronic speed control;
  • backlight.
  • rather high price, given the Chinese assembly;
  • small chuck play when drilling at high speeds.

Makita DF330DWE is a convenient and practical tool that will be appreciated by both DIYers and professional installers.

#12 Sturm Soft Touch 1D2145P

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Budget power tool 450 W with adjustable torque up to 35 N • m and two-speed gearbox (adjustment range 0-400 / 1500 rpm). The screwdriver has a reverse and is optimized for long-term construction and installation work.

  • low price with decent quality;
  • the set includes spare brushes;
  • fits well in the hand;
  • long cord (more than 4 m).
  • no backlight;
  • in drilling mode, the chuck does not lock after power off.

Soft Touch 1D2145P is a budget model with decent functionality from the category of “solid China”.

Best mini screwdrivers

Small screws can be tightened and unscrewed with a simple screwdriver with a suitable tip and not spend money on mechanization. But when there are a lot of these “kids”, then after the tenth (or twentieth) turn the brush will ask for mercy, and the enthusiasm will quickly fade away. It is here that a kind helper will help out – a cordless screwdriver, it is also a mini-screwdriver.

#13 Bosch GSR MX2DRIVE – expensive but functional

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A full-fledged screwdriver, only in miniature – the size of a pocket flashlight. However, this machine delivers 10 N • m and delivers tip speeds of up to 580 rpm. For precise flush tightening, it can be operated at a reduced speed of 150 min-1.

  • reliable fixation of standard bits and drills;
  • engine brake;
  • Neon lights.
  • not cheap – it is at the level of a full-fledged good drill;
  • plastic gears of the reducer.

With this crumb, you can really do a lot of small work, but you need to handle the tool with care. The plastic parts of the mechanism are easily damaged.

The best professional screwdrivers

In a professional tool, every indicator is important: power, rotation speed, torque, battery capacity and much more. Particular attention is paid to quality and functionality.

#14 Bosch GSR 18 V-EC – cordless drill / driver

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The hammerless drill / driver with a torque of 60 N • m is equipped with a brushless motor with electronic speed control and a 5 Ah battery. Drilling diameter for wood – 38 mm, for metal – 13 mm. Rarely does a tool boast such parameters. The tool features a precision clutch that provides precise torque transmission, peak load protection and vibration reduction.

  • spindle fixation;
  • battery overload and deep discharge protection;
  • short battery charging time – less than 1 hour;
  • functional coupling.
  • not the highest rotation speed (1900 rpm).

By itself, the Bosch screwdriver turned out to be successful, but from time to time it shows the problem of contact with the battery. The tool may simply not turn on for no apparent reason. The problem is solved by reinstalling the battery.

#15 Metabo USE 8

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The 550 W hammerless screwdriver has ten steps of manual torque adjustment (up to 40 N • m) and a rotation speed of up to 900 rpm with electronic adjustment. The presence of a spindle with an internal hexagon makes it possible to use the bits without a chuck. The screw-in depth is selected using the thrust sleeve, which is included in the scope of delivery.

  • electronic and manual (wheel) speed control;
  • low noise level;
  • additional handle;
  • locking the power button;
  • cast gear housing.
  • heavy weight (2.3 kg);
  • lack of backlight;
  • expensive to maintain.

Metabo USE 8 is a versatile, durable and reliable tool. But the high price will definitely scare away amateurs. This is a purely professional screwdriver.

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